Coming back to the matter of his controversial deal with Matin Fayulu recently revealed in full plenary discussions on the special arrangement at the CENCO, André Kimbuta has crashed the abscess, claiming that the national deputy never repaid him the loan of 40 000 dollars granted to him, according to him, by his wife.

André Kimbuta did not chew his words this Tuesday on Top Congo. The governor of the city of Kinshasa has placed the case in its context indicating that everything started from a loan that the elected representative of Lukunga had solicited a few years ago. « I did not lend that money to a member of Parliament, but to my brother Martin Fayulu, with whom I had a good relationship at the time ».

The relations between the two men would have deteriorated, according to André Kimbuta, when the former provincial deputy, president of the Ecofin of the Assembly, initiated a motion against him after a trip that they did together in Italy in order to obtain funding for the city.

« I was angry with Martin for initiating a motion against me. I cannot confirm whether he paid this money or not, but I do remember that the Honorable Mutuale told me that they received the money from Martin Fayulu. I told them: ‘I do not need this money. If he pays, do with it whatever you want. « According to Kimbuta, Mr. Fayulu « always wanted his head. He has not succeeded. That is why, for this mandate, he preferred to remain at the National Assembly ».

Asked if the credit he had given to the president of the ECIDE was repaid, the governor insisted: « he never refunded me, he repaid it to the Members of parliament ».