Reacting to the address of the Head of State yesterday before the two Houses of Parliament, assembled in Congress, the Front, for respect for the Constitution, took note of Joseph Kabila’s will to implement the New Year’s Eve Agreement before asking CENI to publish the electoral calendar as soon as possible.

In a statement to KINSHASATIMES.CD, the Coordinator of this political platform, Mrs. Eve Bazaiba, suggests that, in the implementation of the aforementioned Political Agreement, particularly in its V.5.b, the Independent National Electoral Commission ( CENI) and The Audiovisual and Communication High Council (CSAC) be enhanced and revitalized, with a view to involving all the stakeholders in the electoral process, which will enable the organization of credible, fair, democratic, transparent and peaceful elections.

However, the Front is surprised to see that in view of the deterioration of the socio-economic situation in the country, the Head of state has not appealed to external funding for the organization of the elections knowing that the social demands of the civil servants and agents of the State will certainly exert a monetary tension on the budgetary resources.

« In order to avoid any delay in organizing the elections in December 2017 at the latest, the FRONT recommends that the Head of State take into account the accompaniment of bilateral and multilateral partners to the electoral process in accordance with Resolutions 2277 and 2348 of the United Nations Security Council « , reads this press release.

Finally, with regard to the Presidency of the National Council for the agreement implementation monitoring (CNSA), the FRONT reiterates its readiness to lead this Institution and remains open to any negotiations with all the signatories to the Agreement so as to find a consensus about its delegate.