The opposition’s call for a general strike aimed to arm-twist the regime into implementing the New Year’s Eve agreement resulted in Kinshasa and other major cities grinding to a halt.

Kinshasa usual morning bustling with life at taxi ranks and bus stations, the swarming street-vendors at the central market, or the bumper-to-bumper traffic on main Kinshasa roads were nowhere to be seen. It was not until early in the afternoon that, shyly, traffic resumed on the main roads of the capital. Goma, Bunia, Mbuji-Mayi… also idled in the morning.

The opposition celebrated what it termed a “successful general strike”. Pundits however believe many reasons might have contributed to that success: supporters heeding the strike call, non-supporters keeping indoors for fear of reprisals from supporters, lack of conveyance or simply not missing an opportunity for a holiday.

The call was made by the opposition wing known as the Rassemblement subsequent to the deadlock in the negotiations brokered by Catholic bishops. Bishops have since terminated their good offices, handing the matter back over to Kabila to arrive at a settlement.

KINSHASATIMES.CD provides below shots of the ghost city that Kinshasa was.