In response to the decisions taken by the Government in relation to the repatriation and organization of the funeral of the President of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS), Jean-Marc Kabund-a-Kabund, Secretary General of the party held a press conference on Wednesday (February 8th) at his party’s headquarters to get the facts straight.

Two conditions were laid before the date of the repatriation of the UDPS leader’s corps is communicated. First, the fixing of the place and type of burial. The UDPS requires the erection of a mausoleum in downtown Kinshasa, where the body of its leader « will be kept for eternity ». Second, the Party states that all costs related to the funeral will be paid by the Congolese State through the Government of Large National Union to be established, in accordance with the Agreement of 31 December.

The frustrated UDPS

« It is the biological and political families of the deceased who validly coordinate the related ceremonies. The other partners only come in support, « said UDPS Secretary General Jean-Marc Kabund, adding that his party does not recognize any « parallel » committee, in particular the one made public by the government through its spokesperson.

In the lot, the UDPS, through the its Secretary General, rejects the travel documents made available to its executives by the government to go to Brussels to return with the corps. It denounces the « ostentatious and malicious » nature of this offer.