FRED ET YVESA total of 24 activists and political detainees have been released on 19 August 2016 as per a decision taken by the DRC Justice Minister Thambwe Mwamba.   The list of those released includes LUCHA’s Fred Bauma and FILIMBI’s Yves Makwambala.

According to sources in the Ministry of Justice, President Kabila has requested their release on the basis of a list prepared as per the recommendations made in recent days by the AU-appointed facilitator of the dialogue, Edem Kodjo.

In addition to releasing the prisoners, the decision also authorised the re-opening of two television stations belonging to opposition leaders, namely: Canal Kin Television (CKTV) of Jean-Pierre Bemba and Canal Futur of Vital Kamerhe.

It should be noted that the decision comes one day after LUCHA activists held a meeting with Kabila in Goma and demanded that their colleagues in prison be released.

Opposition leaders Diomi Ndongala, imprisoned for raping an under-aged woman, and Jean-Claude Muyambo, for misappropriation of property, have not been freed.

The full list is below.