On 11 October 2016, Ms Jeanine Mabunda, Personal Representative of the Head of State for Fight against sexual Violence and Children Recruitment, announced    that “cases of sexual violence in the DRC were reduced by 50%”. She made the announcement during a conference held in Kinshasa on the evaluation of DRC’s commitments to reduce sexual violence.

The conference was attended by Ms Zainab Hawa Bangura, UN Secretary General Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Conflicts Zones, on a working visit to the DRC, and the UN Secretary General Deputy Special Representative to the DRC, Mamadou Diallo.

While praising DRC’s efforts that led to the reduction, Mamadou Diallo indicated that the ultimate objective that the country must achieve is zero case of sexual violence. He indicated:

“By reducing by 50% cases of sexual violence committed in the DRC, we are still a long way to the objective. Because, even a single case of sexual violence is one case more. The ambition of the DRC and that of all Congolese should be zero case. That would mark a time when no Congolese woman, girl, or mother will have to suffer in their flesh or mind, from any act violating their rights”.