At a meeting on Thursday with the delegates of the Opposition from Rassemblement, the bishops of the National Episcopal Conference of the Congo (CENCO) spoke of the discussions on the special arrangements whose signature is delayed, but more particularly of the future officer or the one who will occupy the office of Chairman of the Monitoring Council of the agreement, which belonged to Étienne Tshisekedi who passed away on 1 February.

With regard to the vacancy left by the former chairman of the Council of Elders of the Rassemblement, the prelates helped the members of the Rassemblement see the importance of quickly selecting a leader to fill the gap and allow a smooth progress of the discussions in progress.

« We have asked CENCO to give us a 48-hour grace period so that we can reply to them », said Christophe Lutundula, a member of the Rassemblement after the meeting with the bishops.

According to the agreement of the New Year’s eve which stipulates that the chairmanship of the Monitoring Council of the agreement is incumbent on the chairman of the council of elders of the Rassemblement of the opposition, the successor of Tshisekedi to the Rassemblement of the opposition should automatically replace him to the head of the Monitoring Council of the agreement, opinion of the CENCO that some members of the ruling coalition who do not share and think that it is necessary to renegotiate this question.