Cpe74EIWYAA8PQzThe AU appointed facilitator Edem Kodjo visited on 10 August 2016 the National Episcopal Conference (CENCO) of DRC as part of his exchanges with key stakeholders to the dialogue.

 Kodjo thanked CENCO for its “good and commendable initiatives” avail its good offices in promising to try and iron out divergences between the opposition and the ruling coalition regarding the dialogue

Dispelling recent rumours that he was about to quit, Kodjo said “I am very well around and I have no intention to resign. I received support from various political parties, the civil society and from the ambassadors”.

On the role CENCO is called to play, Secretary General of the Catholic organisation, Father Léonard Santedi said “The Bishops had promised to avail their pastoral support to the facilitator with a view to the effective holding of the dialogue”. Santedi indicated that “The issues at hand in the country are so critical that it is required of each side to fully be involved for the effective holding of the dialogue which will relaunch the electoral process”.

Kodjo expressed hope that an all-inclusive dialogue involving the civil society, the political class and the international community will be instrumental for the future of the DRC.