tambwe_mOn 26 August 2016, the Minister of Justice Thambwe Mwamba authorised the release of five activists from Lutte pour le Changement (LUCHA) and FILIMBI youth movements.

The decision forms part of the measures to ease political tension and enable the dialogue under way to gain traction in terms of inclusiveness. The opposition demanded that all political and human rights activists should be released as a precondition to its participation in the dialogue.

Those released include Bienvenu Matumo, Victor Tesongo, Marc-Héritier Kapitene, Godefroid Mwanabwato of LUCHA and ean De Dieu Kilima of Filimbi.

Mwamba said “formalities for their effective release will start immediately and they should be out of prison within forty eight hours”.

With regard to the first group of detainees released last week, the Minister informed that “they will start leaving the prison this weekend”.

The ministerial letter authorising the release is below.

lettre tambwe