Raphaël Katebe no longer hides. He wants to be the next Prime Minister and is against all those who say that the late President of the Council of Elders of the Rassemblement of the opposition, Etienne Tshisekedi, would have set his sights on his biological son and political heir Felix Tshilombo Tshisekedi.

« My candidacy for the office of Prime Minister was indeed deposited at all the platforms of the Rassemblement that even signed on receipt of the said candidacy, » said the Brussels-based wealthy Congolese businessman.

As for the choice of Felix Tshisekedi as prime minister, Katebe Katoto remains clear and categorical.

« I Myself spoke with President Tshisekedi when he was in Kinshasa, he never told me about this single candidacy, so I do not think he chose his son as a candidate for the prime minister, » Katebe said, My doubts are based on all the conversations I have had with him. « 

Speaking on Top Congo FM, Moses Katumbi’s brother said that when he spoke to be a candidate for the prime minister, the LIMETE Sphinx’s reaction was positive. « He told me Katebe, it’s a good thing. It helps me a lot that you are a candidate, there is a candidate for whom I am pressured, but I do not agree”

Felix Tshisekedi, with a large campaign in his favor to occupy the post of prime minister, meets more than one competitor. Martin Fayulu, who was originally seen as a candidate, withdrew in favor of Tshisekedi Junior. However, Freddy Matungulu from Dynamique of the opposition Kiakwama side, Raphael Katebe, Bruno Tshibala even within the UDPS and Valentin Mubake remain applicants. The race for the power is thus launched on the side of the Rassemblement. If and only Etienne Tshisekedi has left a name to the bishops, it will perhaps make the choice less convoluted.