Moïse-KatumbiMoïse Katumbi, a business tycoon and former Kabila ally, called on 21 September 2016 for the imposition of international sanctions against security officials who, Katumbi says “are accountable for the killing of anti-Kabila demonstrators” last week.

Former governor of the Katanga mineral-rich province lamented that “without sanctions, they [government] will continue killing people like mosquitoes”.

From his exile in Belgium, Katumbi indicated more than 50 people were killed during protests. It is however worth mentioning that Congolese government said the unrest claimed 32 lives and blamed it on the opposition. Human Rights Watch said at least 37 protesters and six police officers died in the violence.

On the dialogue, Katumbi said the African Union appointed facilitator, Edem Kodjo, who has been mediating the dialogue between the ruling coalition and certain quarters of the opposition, should be replaced because he is biased toward regime.

Katumbi was convicted in absentia of misappropriation of property and was handed a 36-month prison sentence. He denied the charges and said “they were fabricated”. He fled the country and has been living in Belgium ever since.