manifestation-a-kinshasa2The situation still remained tense in morning of 20 September 2016 following demonstrations and scuffles with the police which, according to the government, claimed 17 lives. The opposition called for demonstrations to demand for the holding of prudential elections.

In the morning, hundreds of demonstrators were still in the streets of Kinshasa and sporadic gunshots were reported in neighbourhoods such as Kimbanseke, Kingasani, Lemba, Ngaba and Ngaliema. Police officers and heavily armed elements of the presidential guard were seen dispersing crowds of demonstrators.

At the University of Kinshasa, hundreds of students were gathered at Mont Amba trying to march their way into the city centre. However, heavily armed police officers prevented them from so doing, thus, increasing tension.

The death toll of the riots and scuffles is yet to be determined. Meanwhile, some of the businesses that opened in the early morning, hoping the situation had returned to normal, quickly closed.

Most schools have remained closed.