kodjoIn a communiqué issued by Edem Kodjo on 19 August 2016, the facilitator announced the beginning of the national dialogue next week. The announcement was made following the decision by the Congolese government to release political activists on the same day.

Kodjo thanked the Congolese government for the “extremely significant effort made” in freeing the activists only 48 hours after President Kabila met with LUCHA movement representatives. The AU-appointed facilitator rejoiced that “it is now clear that the dialogue will start from next week” as “the prerequisite to free political prisoners has been satisfied”. He called on the entire Congolese political class to give a chance to the dialogue process in order to find a consensual solution to the situation prevailing in the DRC. This should be done in line with the country’s constitution, UN Security Council Resolution 2277 and in accordance to the expectations of the Congolese people.

However, certain quarters in the opposition, including Etienne Tshisekedi led Rassamblement rejected Kdojo as a facilitator saying that he is partial in favour of the ruling coalition.