DSC_05691-620x400La Fleur de Sel is the consistently good, trustable restaurant with a diverse menu, both in prices and menu options.The quality of the food, the wide range of dishes available and the professional presentation is well above all of  its
competitors in Kinshasa. Steak with fois gras was succulent, and perfectly done, and Asian-­‐inspired juicy salmon was a hit, although it had some bones; both are consistently popular with clientele. Crispy salmon was also praised as delicious. Gambas were juicy but few. While Cosy may be its competition, there is certainly a distinction between the two, in how complex French style steaks can be compared to American style. On more than one
occasion,the service was far from perfect; they seem to be easily overwhelmed.

Service is not as consistently good as the food, however they admit their mistakes, and correct them accordingly.
Parking is a big problem though, certainly was not thought through.

Boulevard du 30 juin40/42 – Kinshasa Gombe
Tél. : ou 0999917953
Email : [email protected]