The National Episcopal Conference of the Congo (Cenco) deplores the blockage observed in the special arrangements of the New Year’s Eve Agreement signed on December 31st. More than a month and a half after this new  » realistic  » roadmap has been signed, which can pull the country out of the mud, its implementation is unfortunately still awaited.

In addition to the deplorable delay in the implementation of certain measures of easing political tensions, the Secretary General of the CENCO, Abbe Nshole, said: « There is a stalemate on the points of divergence on the method of appointing the Prime Minister and the distribution Of departmental portfolios between components « .
In view of this blockage, declares the Cenco:

« We note that the long expectation of the Congolese people, which are eager to see a peaceful democratic alternation, is manifested by the impatience and the rise of tensions even with regard to the CENCO, which nevertheless only assures the mediation (… ), This is the occasion for us to set an opinion on the mission of the good offices of the Cenco, which is to offer political and social actors a framework conducive to dialogue and to urge them to reach a consensus by privileging the interests Of the population and the greater good of the Republic « .

In view of this, concludes the communiqué of the Catholic prelates, the Cenco plays only the role of mediation. « One can not assign him the responsibility of blocking. All the while, faithful to its prophetic mission, the Cenco is determined to accompany the Congolese people in the implementation of the New Year’s Eve, « said the document, copies of which were given to the press.