kabila_museveni-500x253Breaking the silence on the elections and amidst accusations from the opposition that he wants to extend his tenure, President Joseph Kabila announced that the holding of elections in the DRC would be contingent upon the availability of the voters’ register.  

He made the announcement during a press conference held while in visit to Uganda on 04 August 2016. Kabila said “We have organised elections on two occasions. Elections are organised by an independent Electoral Commission. In order for them to be organised, we need a voters register and registration”. On whether the deadline of December will be met, Kabila indicated “We have started voter registration. It will take time but as soon as the voters’ registration is completed, we shall have an election”.

The National Independent Electoral Commission has launched voters’ registration only end of July 2016, a process the electoral body said would take eleven months to complete.

This could result in volatility as veteran opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi is at the helm of Rassemblement, an opposition platform that is bent upon preventing Kabila from extending his stay in power.

The European Union meanwhile has in recent days called upon Congolese politicians to “open the dialogue as soon as possible” that is meant to resolve the impasse that can lead the country to descending into chaos.

It is increasingly likely that no elections will be held in this year.