An opposition supporter was killed on 02 August 2016 by a soldier in Kinshasa, in the vicinities of opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi residence sparking clashes with the police.

This was confirmed by a communiqué issued by UDPS Deputy Spokesperson Augustin KABUYA stating that the “party’s headquarters has been ransacked by elements of the Republican Guard” leading to the “killing of a party supporter shot at point blank”.

However, according to the Spokesperson of the Congolese Police, Colonel Mwanamputu, the killing resulted from” an accidental shot fired by a military who was trying to stop a fight between two families coming from the morgue to collect the bodies of their respective parents”. Both families were accompanied by motorcyclists, Colonel Mwanamputu added.

“The killer has been arrested and will be prosecuted” said the Police Spokesperson.

The UDPS resisted when the police intervened to restore order, but calm has since been restored.

The prevailing political situation in the country is tense as the opposition fears Kabila, 45, in power since 2001, eyes extending his rule beyond the two-term limit.

The Constitutional Court in May ruled that Kabila could remain in office beyond the end of his term if elections are not held as scheduled. This is likely to happen as voters’ registration, which will take eleven months to complete according to the country’s electoral commission, just started.

Congolese opposition parties meeting in Brussels in May 2016 formed the Rassemblement, a new platform led by Etienne Tshisekedi, which seeks to ensure Kabila leaves office at the end of this year.