The entrepreneur and activist of the Citizen movement (LUCHA) reacted to what is a great surprise for more than one. After the dissemination of the images showing her naked under her shower, Soraya Aziz Souleyman wanted to clarify by giving her own version of the facts in a long text entitled « From horror to determination, » published on the internet.

« The online presence of this video hurts me. The fact that my friends, my parents, my brothers and sisters, my companion and my followers saw them hurts me. But I do not blame myself for anything. I used a personal laptop, for a video for personal use. I came from a diet and wanted to see the results from all angles, » she wrote.

The activist said in her statement that this video was shot in 2013 with a mobile she has lost since.

« What could I have done to avoid this situation? I know that even deleting the video from my gallery, it does not disappear from the ROM. My computer scientist brother told me. Destroy that old phone, maybe. The worst is that there are other pictures in the same phone, all equally candid. No really sexual. Maybe the hooligan did not see them? Might he be keeping them for later? Honestly, he cannot do me any more harm than he has already done with these photos, » she admits.

Taking the bull by the horns in this mater, at her own risks and perils, the businesswoman clarified that she wants to regain control of her history.

« Today I decided to give my version to cut short to the rumors and to recover my history, because it is about me, not the poster nor his accomplices, who are joyfully indulging themselves on social networks. »

Soraya Aziz promises not to abandon her civic struggle, which would be a confession of weakness, as her detractors would like her to do.

« Yes, these images hurt, but they do not harm than the state of the nation, than wars, postponements of elections, corruption and misappropriations, massacres, etc. I promise to continue to denounce. There is no question of letting 6 pictures in the shower stop the citizen struggle that I lead. »

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