The bishops of the National Episcopal Conference of the Congo/CENCO have conversed with the President of the Republic early this Monday, February 20. They presented the project on special arrangements to the Head of State. The President of the Republic, optimistic about the conclusion of the discussions on the annexed document of the agreement of December 31, renewed the mission of the prelates of the CENCO for the continuation of the good offices to go as soon as possible to the elections.

As for the substitute of Etienne Tshisekedi at the head of the National Monitoring Council of the Agreement, the bishops indicated that the president of the republic, Joseph Kabila, confirmed to them that it is indeed the new Chairman of the council of elders who will occupy this office of the sentinel body of the transition.

This illumination comes to silence any misunderstanding about this issue which according to some leaders of the ruling coalition had to be re-discussed. As for this, Joseph Kabila calls upon the members of the Rassemblement to promptly choose a president of the Council of Elders.

As for the other burning issue, the question of how to designate the future head of the central government, the head of state said he would wait for the list of 3 names of prime minister office to be submitted to him by the new president of the council of elders of the Rassemblement in order to choose one to be appointed.