ellwood_3540171bFrom New York where he is attending the UN 71st Assembly General, the UK Minister for Africa and the Middle East, Tobias Ellwood expressed deep concern about the violence in the DRC which has claimed 17 lives and resulted in scores wounded, according to the Congolese government.

Tobias said he believes Kabila could go down the Congolese political history as a positive precedent if he peacefully and democratically transfers power at the end of his term.

“One of the greatest legacies President Kabila can leave his people is a peaceful and democratic transition of power, the first in the DRC’s history. We urge President Kabila and his government to rapidly deliver on this responsibility,” he said.

According to the British diplomat, the UK made it clear that it stands ready to financially and diplomatically support the DRC’s electoral process but underlined ‘‘the primary responsibility for organising elections rests with the Government of the DRC.’‘

Regarding the violence in Kinshasa and other major cities in the DRC, Ellwood said: ‘‘I am deeply concerned about the violence around protests in Kinshasa and other cities including reports that a number of civilians and policemen have been killed.

“I urge both the DRC Government and opposition parties to take measures to calm the situation.”

The Minister, who assumed office in July 2016, stressed that the Congolese people’s democratic right to peaceful protest must be protected, and as the United Nations Security Council has stated, elections be organised for a peaceful transition of power.