a7a16bb823_vaccination-fievre-jaune_unamid_photo-flickr-cc_by_nc_nd_2-0The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced that a yellow fever outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola has now been contained.The outbreak which has killed more than 400 people has been brought under control after a major vaccination campaign.

“One good news is that these outbreaks are under control now. We have not had any new cases in Angola since 23rd June, and since 12th July in DRC,” said WHO Director of Infectious Hazard Management, Sylvie Briand.

According to WHO, the level of vaccinations in Angola, as well as the DRC and border regions has aided curb the spread of the disease.

WHO has been coordinating with global partners to vaccinate millions in the two countries.

“So far in Angola, more than 15 million people have been vaccinated and so this represents 65% of the population, so we can say that we still have to protect certain districts and provinces, but the risk of major outbreak I think is now over,” said Briand.

Despite the strides made in the vaccinations, WHO has said they will not rule out further outbreaks as there is still 32 endemic countries.

With Reuters