ingaThe Agency for the Promotion, Development and Implementation of the Grand Inga (ADPI) project received last weekend two offers from the two companies that remained in the race for the construction of Inga hydropower phase III. These companies are namely the Consortium of Chinese Companies led by the China Gorges Corporation and the Spanish BTB Group led by ACS.

These two companies have been selected in order to assist the Congolese government in developing phase A of the hydropower project.

Addressing the media, the ADPI Coordinator, Bruno Kapandji, indicated “each candidate has 5 or 6 companies affiliate companies. Based on these offers, we now are able to undertake the discussions on the conditions and technical, financial and commercial conditions”.

The mega-project was brought back into negotiations in 2013 following a promise made by South Africa to purchase half of the electricity (2,500 MW) to be produced by the new hydropower dam.

During a meeting held in Kinshasa, the Congolese and South African Heads of State, reaffirmed their resolve to fast-track the implementation of the Inga project which they said could power the rest of Africa.

The ADPI was set up in October 2015 by way of a Presidential Decree signed by President Joseph Kabila.

It was not until June 2015 that the Congolese government called for bids related to the implementation of this project from three foreign consortiums that had been pre-selected in 2010. Only two of these consortiums remained in the race.