The Congolese government, which still does not believe in these horrific images, freely attributed to the Fardc, has nevertheless dispatched a commission of senior military magistrates to verify the facts, deepen investigations into the incident. This is indicated by a statement from the Congolese Minister of Media, spokesperson, also launching an appeal for witnesses to anyone who would have additional information on this video.

« Following the broadcast on the social networks of the horrific video that defrays the chronicle these days, the Congolese Ministry of National Defense has, on the instruction of the President of the Republic, supreme commander of the Fardc, dispatched immediately in the Two provinces, a commission led by senior military magistrates to verify the facts, investigate further unconfirmed facts, and reinforce, if necessary, military judges in Mbuji-Mayi and Kananga. Other inquiries have been made since then to verify the alleged facts, « said the Minister of Media, Spokesman of the Government.

Lambert Mende points out that the investigation continues to this day. And that there is no reason to agitate. To this end, he said:

« The Government wishes to reassure the public that everything will be done in accordance with national and international laws, operational instructions and rules of engagement in force within the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC) based on the principle of Zero Tolerance against their violations and all other acts of indiscipline in the ranks of its military personnel « .

In addition to the main objective, the Minister informs that the Commission conducted by the High Judges should also, where necessary, determine the circumstances of time and place, as well as the real motivations behind the anonymous realization and broadcasting of the horrific images contained in the aforementioned video posting which, in the current state of affairs, do not correspond to the facts for which undisciplined soldiers were hitherto prosecuted for violation of the laws, instructions, and pre-recalled rules.
Finally, the Government requests anyone with more information on this video to contact the FARDC Auditor General in Kinshasa or the Auditors at the Mbuji-Mayi and Kananga Senior Military Courts.
It should be noted that this statement comes two days after numerous appeals from national and international NGOs, also from the US and France, requesting an investigation.