lucha-urnesOn 9 September 2016, activists of the Lutte pour le Changement (LUCHA) youth movement brought cardboard ballot boxes to the provincial office of the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) in Goma, North Kivu.

According to the activists, this symbolical action aims to show to the Congolese government that the youth have henceforth taken ownership of the electoral process.  LUCHA’s Tresor Akili said “we, the youth, stand ready to make quality ballot boxes for free, provided that the electoral process gets unlocked”.  He added “we are resolved to see elections organised in this country”.

Singing and displaying messages calling for the holding of elections within the set constitutional deadlines, LUCHA’s youth vowed to continue the mobilisation for the political transition of power in the DRC.

Akili underscored that “the security of a nation also depends on elections. We don’t want to have a replica of Burundi post-electoral unrest in this country. We are simply heeding the call made by the Head of the State to the youth to take ownership of the electoral process.”

Akili promised LUCHA would provide its modest financial contributions to the holding of polls. “CENI claims the lack of money for holding elections. We will collect money from the people and avail it to CENI for the elections,” said Akili.

CENI’s office did not respond to the action undertaken by LUCHA activists.