riek-imageIn a communiqué issued on 10 September 2016, the UN Stabilisation Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO) recognised that between 24 August and 1 September it extracted some 291 individuals from the Garamba National Park on humanitarian grounds. Many of these individuals were wounded, acutely malnourished or in another life-threatening condition

On 17 August, at the request of the DRC Government and acting on humanitarian grounds, MONUSCO extracted the former Vice-President of South Sudan, Mr. Riek Machar, his wife and son along with 10 aides from a location inside the Garamba National Park, Haut Uélé province, in the north east of the DRC. Mr Machar had crossed into the DRC from South Sudan, accompanied by several hundred people, including armed elements and civilians.

In total MONUSCO has handed over 117 individuals, including Riek Machar, his wife and son to the DRC authorities. Weapons have been removed from all those transported by MONUSCO.

As of 8 September, there are 183 individuals in MONUSCO-run facilities in two locations. Security arrangements are in place at these locations. Those in greatest need have been extracted and are receiving medical treatment or are recovering in UN facilities, while the DRC and South Sudan authorities are working to agree on a longer-term solution.

MONUSCO is keeping the DRC authorities fully informed and UN Headquarters is engaging with both the DRC and South Sudan authorities, as well as regional actors, to encourage them to find a solution to the presence of South Sudanese armed elements in the territory of the DRC.

On 9 September, in light of the critical condition of the South Sudanese elements in the Garamba National Park, MONUSCO extracted 62 of them, all in critical medical condition.  On 10 September, MONUSCO extracted a further 116 in similar condition. In addition 67 arms were retrieved and kept in MONUSCO custody.