Reacting for the first time since the signing of the special arrangement on Monday failed, opponent Moise Katumbi spared no effort to accuse « Joseph Kabila and his coalition » of being responsible of the impasse of the process of dialogue in between the living forces of the nation, which should lead to the formation of a government led by the Rassemblement, the opposition platform he is part of.

The former Governor of Katanga has in his statement denounced « bad faith », « the low and despicable maneuvers » of the regime in place for the implementation of the New Year’s Eve agreement which according to him should be historic for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and « exemplary » for Africa.

« The time has come to denote those responsible for this impasse; J. Kabila and his coalition who want to hold on to power. We have a duty to prevent them, « said Moise Katumbi, who complained that three months after he signed the December 31 agreement, this one is still not implemented.
The former close associate of Joseph Kabila also said in his statement that his political family (the Rassemblement) agreed to keep Kabila at the head of the DRC only to « avoid chaos », and that his sole legitimacy would be found in the agreement signed under the aegis of the bishops of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO).

“Three months ago I called the people to vigilance; Today, though, facing the deadlock initiated by the Ruling Coalition, I call the population to the mobilization,” he concluded.