Three key announcements can be elicited from this communication from the Rassemblement of Opposition. The platform:

-Encourages the Congolese people to stay on the qui-vive and resistant;

-calls upon the population to contribute to the success of the day dead city throughout the whole national territory, Monday 3 April and

– Invites the population to support the general strike action decreed by the labour unions on Wednesday 5 April.

« Faced with the gravity of the situation, the Rassemblement solemnly appeals to the Congolese people to support themselves, » the statement reads.

This stance taken by the Rassemblement came after the failure of the signing of the special arrangement last Monday with the Ruling Coalition. Faced with this situation, the UDPS had announced a demonstration on 10 April, date considered too far by the base of the oldest party of the opposition which wished to take action immediately.