In a meeting of the dialogue Facilitation Support Group held on 4 August 2016, the UN Secretary General Special Representative to the DRC, Maman Sidikou, called on the Congolese polity to do its utmost to prevent the country from slipping back into violence.

Sidikou, who also heads the UN Peacekeeping Mission to the DRC (MONUSCO), reminded Congolese politicians that “with elections approaching, it is critical that political stakeholders from all sides rapidly take action to prevent the current political impasse from descending into a grave crisis that can plunge the country in violence”.

He urged all his Congolese interlocutors to “exercise restraint” in their actions and statements in order “not to further exacerbate the prevailing situation”, underscoring that “they are accountable to their people and to history”.

MONSUCO Chief took the opportunity to thank Edem Kodjo, the African Union appointed Facilitator of the political dialogue, for the latter’s efforts to organise the forum. Sidikou recognised that “despite the difficulties Kodjo is facing, he has spared no effort to help our Congolese brothers and sisters to overcome their differences and focus on the preservation of peace and stability…”.

Sidikou further hailed the good offices of the DRC Catholic Episcopal Conference, African and European Ambassadors, as well as the involvement of Congo Brazzaville President, Sassous Nguesso, who have called upon the Congolese polity to “give topmost priority to the dialogue as a means to resolve their differences”.

Touching on elections, Sidikou reaffirmed the UN technical and logistical support to the process stressing that voters’ registration which was launched on 31 July 2016 is “a key step towards the holding of transparent, free and fair elections”.

The “onus is now on the political stakeholders to meet and arrive at a political consensus charting the way forward”, the UN diplomat concluded.