On 04 August 2014, President Joseph Kabila held a bilateral summit with his Ugandan counterpart President Yoweri Museveni at the Mweya Safari Lodge in Western Uganda, thrashing out security issues amongst other items.

On his return to Beni, alluding to the Ugandan ADF rebels the DRC has been fighting for decades, Kabila said “I told the Ugandan President that we want peace in the DRC as much as he has peace in his country”.

During their meeting, both Heads of State vowed to share information between the two countries on the movement of people entering DRC from Uganda to cause insecurity in North Kivu.

“We agreed that they [Uganda] will from now on provide us with all the information on the movement of those crossing the border to destabilise the DRC,” added Kabila.

The issue of the supply of electricity from Uganda to certain cities bordering that country in the province of North Kivu and Ituri was also discussed. Kabila indicated that “second key item thrashed out was the electrification of Kasindi from Uganda. But not just Kasindi, we would also want the cities of Beni, Butembo and Bunia to be supplied in electricity from Uganda.

While in Beni, Kabila took the opportunity to impress upon the Congolese populations to get registered for the prospective elections.

The two presidents last met in Angola in June 2016, during a joint bilateral meeting that included Presidents dos Santos of Angola.