He had announced his arrival for three days. Some might not have taken it seriously; and yet, Katebe Katoto is indeed in Kinshasa. He came back this Tuesday in the early evening aboard his private jet.

The reason of his presence in Kinshasa is summed up in one and only one word: Premiership. It’s known. Katebe Katoto wants to become Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on behalf of the Rassemblement as stipulated in the agreement signed on December 31, 2016 under the moderation of the Episcopal Conference of Congo/CENCO. He will not take that office by staying in the folic winter of Brussels. He understood it. Determined more than ever, the elder brother of Moîse Katumbi came to fight on the ground.

His statements of the last few days have gradually revealed his true intentions. The last one came in late last week. In a shocking statement on Top Congo, the wealthy businessman stirred up a controversy by stating loud and clear that Etienne Tshisekedi had not appointed his son Felix to occupy the office of prime minister. A position that he will take at the cost of his loyalty to his companions of the Rassemblement who have almost won over the biological son of the Limete Sphinx.

« My candidacy for the position of Prime Minister was indeed filed at all the platforms of the Rassemblement that have even acknowledged receipt thereof, » he told Top Congo.

Still, no one in the Rassemblement has confirmed this. Still according to Raphael Katebe Katoto, the late president of the Council of Elders of the Rassemblement would have been in favor of his candidacy for the post of prime minister:

« He told me Katebe, it’s a good thing. It helps me a lot that you are a candidate. « 

He no longer hides it. Consequently, He is dismissed as a preventive measure by the Alliance pour la République (AR), a political grouping member of the Rassemblement of which He is part.

But the « boss » does not let it go. After several years spent in Europe, he returned to Kinshasa on Tuesday, February 21. Premiership, chairmanship of the Rassemblement, vacancies left by the longstanding historical opponent.

« We do not replace Etienne Tshisekedi, we succeed him, » admit several leaders of the Rassemblement of the opposition.

The race for power will be harsh, even fratricidal. A game of throne that Raphael Katebe Katoto does not want to miss for anything in the world.