The Congolese Association for Access to Justice (ACAJ) calls on the international community in general and on the UN Security Council in particular to exert pressure on the Congolese Government to force it to accept an investigation and Consider possible sanctions regarding this video showing the Fardc shooting.

Referring to the Government’s latest statement on this issue, the NGO states that the Congolese state has rejected appeals by the United Nations, several foreign governments and human rights organizations to an independent, impartial, and exhaustive investigation, and opted « to ensure impunity for perpetrators and accomplices of serious violations of human rights ». Hence, says its president, Georges Kapiamba, we need the involvement of the International Community.

Recalling universal principles, this man of law asserts:

« The Government of the DRC has an international obligation under international law to carry out full and impartial investigations into the allegations of extrajudicial killings in the Central Kasai, To find out those who are guilty, to bring them to justice and to punish them, to compensate the victims or their families and to take steps to prevent such violations from happening in the future « , adding, « If the perpetrators are certain that they will not be held accountable, such violations are likely to increase ».