The Conduct and Discipline Unit of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo (Monusco) reported that fifteen cases of sexual abuse were attributed to the staff of this UN mission in 2016.

According to the coordinator of this structure, Adama Ndao, who gave this information during a seminar in Kinshasa on sexual exploitation, « It is not normal for UN personnel coming here can be involved in such situations. It’s time to say « stop, » before inviting everyone to report cases of sexual abuse and not to wait for the evil to occur.

« Evil happens very often when there is a pregnancy, or when there are diseases, or when a child is born. And this child, very often unfortunately, will never know his father, « she continued. According to her, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has dozens of children born as a result of sexual abuse who do not know their biological fathers. « I appeal to everybody’s commitment: Be it the government, our managers, my colleagues, to be careful and open their eyes and say: ‘No, it has to stop,' » concluded Adama Ndao.

In March 2016, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution, reinforcing measures against sexual abuse committed by Blue Helmets during their missions around the world. This year, the UN Mission totals 15 years in Congolese soil.

A mixed record emerges for those who are supposed to bring peace, tranquility in a country torn by armed conflicts, most of which are caused by national sociopaths, but also by foreigners.

However, in these conflicts, not only did the UN not bring a solution, but it was the cause of several evils that today the Congolese lament, which still do not know how to get rid of this UN pin, given the still fragile political situation. It is therefore difficult to evoke the departure of this force.

And among these evils, caused by the UN, one does not hesitate to cite this other form of war, sexual violence, perpetrated by the UN staff, which nevertheless, by several of its agencies, fights this shameful, humiliating scourge…

Today, since everything has ended in speeches and the MONUSCO still has its two feet on Congolese soil, the Congolese victim yesterday will probably suffer tomorrow the same evils whereas, under other skies, the UN would have already packed up.